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Client Services Manager 

Trevor Bettison  
MEd,  Grad Dip Info Sys




What we do:

Discover how affordable OzEwebs can be in designing and hosting your website.  See how effortlessly and efficiently we can meet all your website requirements. 

We are a company that specialises in managing all your ongoing website needs by taking care of all your regular updates and event changes.

OzEwebs operates out of Sydney, but we can cater for your website requirements regardless of where you're located.  If you live in the US or  UK, check out Australia's exchange rates - you will be very surprised at what your money will buy!  

We cater for all types and sizes of websites - no site is too small.

Ozewebs Mission:

OzEwebs is committed to providing quality Web design and, fast and efficient hosting services at super-competitive prices.


Please feel free to contact OzEwebs if you believe that we may be able to assist you in your website requirements, please click on the 'Contact us' menu button that will take you directly to a customer input form..

Client Services Manager 

Trevor Bettison  MEd,  Grad Dip Info Sys.  


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